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How can we grow capacity for the next century, if more equity and global awareness is the goal?

Conexus are a market and research leader in learning analytics and professional learning for the educational sector in Scandinavia.

In careful collaboration with teachers, educational leaders, researchers and the EdTech industry Conexus develop tools for:

·       Student learning beyond 21st key capacities: Deeper learning and progression

·       Evidence-informed capacity building: Teams, schools, districts and systems

·       Deeper professional learning: Realizing collective responsibility

The tools are based on scalable technology that can be adapted to different learning contexts. They are built on strong databases with rapid processing and excellent user-friendly interfaces.

Conexus collaborate with over 30 partners located all over the world to develop the most refined educational software. Yet a tool is only as good as the mindset using it (Fullan 2013). Conexus have developed well-tested process strategies together with our partners to strengthen the implementation of the tools.